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Royal Stories: Behind the Camera Lens

Kauffman-Stadium_007_AACamera operators at The K get one of the more unique stadium views while capturing the World Series excitement! Guest blogger Diana Lambdin Meyer provides a peek behind the video camera lens at the very important work of the camera operators at Kaufffman Stadium!


BruceAs I write this, my husband is on top of the Budweiser Party Deck at Kauffman Stadium. No he’s not partying, nor should he be drinking. That’s because he should be working.

My husband, Bruce Meyer, is a television camera operator, a videographer if you will, and his camera position this October is mounted on top of the Budweiser Party Deck.  He has spent the past 25 years behind a TV camera at The K, usually behind third base near the visitor’s dugout. He is part of a tight-knit crew, literally behind-the-scenes, bringing baseball fans the best and worst of the Kansas City Royals.

This October has been as much or more fun for the TV crew as it has for the Royals and their fans.  All of these years, they have been out there in the blistering heat, pouring down rain and near-empty stands. My husband and his teammates have survived snow storms, hail storms and a rabid skunk out by the centerfield camera. They have dodged foul balls and broken bats coming their way – and sometimes the frustration of disappointed fans.

It takes about 25 people to broadcast a Royals game, depending on who the visiting team is. Read more

Royal Stories: 29 years later…

After a 29-year hiatus, the Royals return to the World Series has many reflecting on the last time our boys in blue won it all. Guest blogger Greg Franklin shares his personal experience of returning home to Kansas City just to be amongst Royal friends.

I was fast asleep in my bed when my father jostled me awake. He was full of the sort of nervous, frantic energy that made me slightly fearful for my life, like the roof was on fire. “Greg! They’re coming back!” My eyes fought through the sleep and widened. It was not over yet.

29 years ago, I ran upstairs in my pajamas with my dad to witness the Kansas City Royals fighting back to tie and eventually win in the bottom of the 9th in Game 6 of the 1985 World Series. I was 9 years old.

The next night, I got to stay up late (on a school night, no less) and watch the Royal drubbing of the St. Louis Cardinals and see our beloved Kansas City Royals win the World Series. I remember the final catch, and Saberhagen leaping into Brett’s arms, like it was yesterday. Kansas City, our peaceful little village, was the center of the universe for a minute, and it felt incredible.

29 years later, those lights are fired back up on my hometown.

training529 years later, I live in Seattle, WA. My return to Royals fandom was brought on by nostalgia for those glory years, by memories of going to games with my parents and listening to games on the radio. Early in my move to Seattle, my homesickness manifested itself in missing Denny Matthews’ warm voice, but also, missing the familiar strains of things like Price Chopper and Hy-Vee commercials. (Nostalgia latches onto strange things sometimes.) I wander around Seattle wearing a Royals cap, and I’m often greeted with “Are you REALLY a Royals fan? I’ve never actually met a Royals fan!”. I wear it as a badge of my hometown pride, and more often than not, am stopped on the street by other Kansas City ex-pats who are thrilled to see a familiar sight in foreign lands.

Read more

Royal Stories: Being a KC transplant

royals_tuesdayNot all who are rooting for the Royals are KC natives! Guest blogger Amanda Graor shares how the Royals have become her adopted hometown team.

As a Kansas City transplant, I often struggle with who to root for. I moved to the city nearly 8 years ago from Detroit and have certainly settled in. I’ve had season tickets to Sporting KC for years – that’s an easy one with no Detroit equivalent. But when it comes to baseball, the longer I’ve lived here, the more I’ve fallen in love with the Royals! While the Tigers will always be my hometown team, the Royals have become my “adopted home” team.

The excitement last year when the Royals were on the cusp of the playoffs spilled over into this season, and I am thrilled that Kansas City is getting ready to experience the World Series for the first time since 1985! There are few things that bring a city together better than celebrating the success of their sports teams and the spirit of the postseason so far has been incredible, from watching games together in the Power and Light district to sharing hugs and high fives at bars and restaurants across the metro when the boys in blue are playing away.

westsideI’m also a sucker for a great t-shirt, and this playoff run is bringing designers out of the woodwork with clever new designs and updates on retro gear that is enough to make even a casual baseball fan sport their new Royals (or perhaps just Kansas City-related) apparel around town.

As the national spotlight shines on us during this World Series, I am proud to call it my home and share all that it has to offer with those getting their first glimpses into the spirit of Kansas City!

AgraorAmanda Graor (@angraor) is a CrossFitting, coffee-guzzling downtown resident whose various activities find her in different parts of the country on a regular basis. Her day job is as the Air Quality Program Manager at the Mid-America Regional Council, but you can also find her enjoying downtown KC walking her dog or kicking around a soccer ball.

Royal Stories: Kansas City Sings the Blues

You hear it everywhere: Throughout the Historic 18th & Vine Jazz District. Emanating from radio stations, music venues and restaurant lounges. In bars and clubs on both sides of the state line. And even on local television stations and inside office building elevators.

“It” is the blues, which, along with jazz, is one of Kansas City’s most recognizable sounds.

Yet this is a very different kind of blues. One that hasn’t been sung as loudly and feverishly as it was in 1985 when the Kansas City Royals celebrated their first historic run to the biggest stage in baseball—The World Series.

Yes, Kansas City is singing the Royals blues!

Kauffman Stadium_007_AAPassionate, die-hard fans here support the Royals (along with the city’s other biggest sports franchise—the Kansas City Chiefs) like committed partners in a marriage – in sickness (horrible losing seasons) and in health (rising from close to last place one year, and into the playoffs the next). To them, baseball is not just a pastime. It’s like a religion. And right now they are reaping the rewards for all those years of devotion from the powers-at-be up in baseball heaven.

Yet fair weather as well as non-baseball fans are riding the big blue wave as well.

dadofmojoThe city’s iconic fountains are flowing blue. Halloween decorations on homes and lawns feature Royals logos, pumpkins and blue brooms – a nod to the Royals’ sweeps of both the Los Angeles Angels and the Baltimore Orioles to make it to the World Series.

Royals’ banners and flags hang from neighborhood boutiques, restaurants and storefronts. Churches and schools have rescheduled services and evening activities so they don’t coincide with game times. And everywhere you look, residents and visitors alike are donning Royals attire from head to toe.

And what better place than Kauffman Stadium, one of the finest ballparks in America that also played host to the 2012 Major League Baseball All-Star Game, to watch the World Series. While there, fans can also checkout the Royals Hall of Fame, billed as “an education and entertainment venue that blends the timelessness of a museum with the sheer fun of the ballpark.”

The excitement is contagious and the world is watching. And Kansas City is once again, singing the blues.

Go Royals!

Headshot-Lysa Allman-BaldwinLysa Allman is a freelance writer and the Publisher and Editor of Amazing Escapades: Adventures for the Mind, Bod and Belly (

Kansas City’s Royal Blue Sky Stations

Kansas City is pulling out all the stops to show the Royals their support during the World Series. With every Royals win, one of Bartle Hall’s Sky Stations will take on a new blue hue!
VisitKC_Royal Blue Sky Station

One down, three to go…

After the Royals defeated the Giants 7-2 in Game 2 of the World Series, Jeff Overhaug and Greg Turcotte of Harvest Productions got to work. After four hours (and one very surprised pigeon), the first pylon changed colors from white to royal blue.

Harvest Productions is donating the time-intensive labor it takes to scale and adjust the lighting on these 335-foot tall pylons that sit atop the Kansas City Convention Center. “We are so excited to join in excitement of the Royals success and help show off our great city,” said Turcotte. “The 4th blue pylon is going to look great!”

Harvest Pylon Lighting28Though not a permanent change to our Kansas City skyline, the Sky Stations will light up with the rest of the city as our Royals continue their World Series run!

Catch the Blue Fever: 8 Favorite Royals Instagram Photos

News flash: the Kansas City Royals are in the World Series! If you somehow missed one of the biggest sports stories in local history, it’s hard not to notice the blue fever that’s swept through Kansas City, touching everything from fountains and buildings to clothing and food (yes, food).

This is a momentous time for our fair city. And to help keep the celebration going, we’ve picked a few of our favorite Royals-themed Instagram snapshots. Trust us—after checking these out, you’ll feel anything but blue!

Who needs beaches and oceans when you have these gorgeous blue fountains?


Photo by @kumiker

The Royals in the World Series—not a bad belated present for Union Station’s 100th birthday, right? 


Photo by @bigricky818

The World Series has returned to Kauffman Stadium. Anyone else still have goosebumps?


Photo by @forrestgumpofbaseball

Cheers to you, Royals!


Photo by @rudystenampakc

Now this is why it’s so cool to play baseball in October!


Photo by @BTBurch

The Royals love is spreading coast to coast … literally! 


Photo by @caracowsert

Even our grass is getting in the spirit. That’s what we call dedication!


Photo by @ellensayshola

Kansas City, we’ve got to tell you—you’ve never looked more beautiful. 


Photo by @alexandertripp

Good news, Kansas City—the party’s just getting started! Keep sharing your Instagram photos using #instakc and show us how you and your city are supporting our favorite boys in blue. Go Royals!

Are you capturing the Blue Fever that’s sweeping Kansas City? Add the #instakc tag to your pics! We’ll be featuring more as the World Series continues!

KRS_BWHeadshot_PaulAndrewsKaty Ryan Schamberger is a KC-based, downtown dwelling, Online Content Marketing Manager and Magazine Journalist with a Passion for Words, Stories and Technology. Katy’s love of the city reached a fever pitch with the publication of her first book, Moon Kansas City. When Katy isn’t writing, you’ll find her exploring her River Market neighborhood or at one of many favorite local shops, restaurants or bars. Follow Katy on Twitter at @katywrites.

#CatchKC: Join the game!

YOU could be featured in an epic game of digital catch! Cheer on the Kansas City Royals in the World Series. Submit your #CatchKC video on Instagram! We’ll mash up all your submissions into one sweet game of catch. HURRY! The deadline to submit and win some sweet KC prizes is midnight TONIGHT after Game 2!

Want to see a preview of the final mashup video? Check it out!

Where in the world are you? We’ve gotten hometown KC videos as well as entries from all over the world! Join in this game of catch with fans from:



and Abu Dhabi!

Oh yeah…the undead can play along, too. Why not?!


Royal Stories: My First Love Affair

The Kansas City Royals are in the World Series for the first time in 29 years. And it’s personal for many. Guest blogger Andreina Byrne shares her story about the invincible Kansas City spirit that keeps us loyal Royals fans cheering for our boys in blue.

There wasn’t an ‘Interactive Kids Area’ or, even a Sluggerrr, for the first years of my Royals’ love affair. There was just baseball.

“Limonay, limonay, limonayyyed, ohhhh” the adorably animated vendor used to yell. Fans would yell with him, as I tugged on my dads jacket to make sure he heard the hilarity going on all around him.

IMG_3956My older brother and my older sister and I have been going to the K since before I could walk.We knew that when my Irish-immigrant-dad said “Royals game?” in his Americanized-brogue from living here for ten years, that it was truly, a time to party.

Hot dogs and peanuts overpowered our knobby legs as we struggled to balance them in our laps. We’d get the occasional lemonade too, of course, if the vendor could reach us before the opposing team had readied its outfield players.

The Royals have always been themselves, and there wasn’t a need to impress the fans, even my five-year-old self, who wanted nothing more than to catch my first real catch, like Smalls from the Sandlot. The only thing noticeably different from Smalls and I was my hot pink Mickey Mouse hat that I wore backwards until age 13. Other than that, a growing love for baseball and the passion that it created in every fan was all that mattered.

Kauffman-Stadium_007_AAAnd that’s what made it so memorable. As the early 2000s set in, Kauffman Stadium hit the 50 million in attendance mark, and in 2006, our city began a $250 million dollar renovation to our beloved stadium. I’d like to imagine that after Slugger turned ten that same year, his jersey was dry cleaned a few more times, and his tail was brushed a bit more often, too. After all, he isn’t just the king of any jungle.

Despite each roster change, or even the inducted hall of famers, our city has remained the same. What no vendor, baseball record, or even renovation could have done, is change the heart of Kansas City, or our Royals.

They’ve always been our loyal boys, even when some of their fans weren’t always as loyal. They’ve always been active participants in our Midwest city, even if, at the time, getting an autograph from a smiling outfielder at a Hy-Vee or Chiefs game didn’t seem as cool as it actually was.

The Kansas City Royals have defined the genuine spirit that Kansas City has to offer. Kansas City, and the Royals, honor what we are: a Midwest city that is far beyond a cowtown stereotype, and, a city that requires nothing more than a love for baseball.

You’re hilarious: KC Improv

The Kansas City Improv Company invites you to a New York Times critically accclaimed show this week! Can’t make the event but still looking to laugh? Join their classes offered all all levels and see how funny you really are.

KC Improv Co Presents Red Bastard
2 nights ONLY. OCT. 10 & 11, 8 PM

rbhandsCould this Dangerous, Seductive Comedy-Monster change your life? Something interesting must happen every 10 seconds… And it will. Experience the MADNESS of this dangerous, seductive comedy-monster as he immerses you in his unique and absurdly interactive masterclass. Anything can happen as Red Bastard lures his “students” into a playground of raw conversation, traps, rewards and catch 22’s.

Joined by opening act, The KC Improv Company

It all goes down October 10 and 11 at Kick Comedy Theater. Both shows start at 8pm. Get there early and ready to rolll with laughter!

Tickets just $20.

Ages 17+ only. No drink minimum.


IMG_7450Get Classy with the KC Improv Co
What level of laughter do you think you can bring? The KC Improv Co introduces FOUR levels of classes for adults to explore the art of improv acting and comedy. All levels meet in December to perform at the Kick Comedy Theater!


  • Level 1: Intro to Improv >> Improv Comedy class for beginners.
  • Level 2: Scenework >> Improv Comedy class for intermediate improvisers
  • Level 3: Advanced Scenework >> Improv Comedy class for intermediate improvisers
  • Level 4: Intermediate Long-Form >> Improv Comedy class for intermediate improvisers
  • Saturday All-Play Class >> Improv Comedy class for all human beings
  • Improv Coaching >> Improv Comedy class for experienced improvisers

Are you in? Learn more and register for classes to get started right away!

Get Haunted at Worlds of Fun

Summer fun is dead. Long live the terrors of fall at World’s of Fun’s Halloween Haunt.

The midwest’s largest Halloween event with over 500 gruesome monsters and 10 extreme haunts has taken over Worlds of Fun in Kansas City. Fright Night scares you silly on Friday and Saturday nights through October 31, 2014. Extreme haunts are not recommended for guests younger than 14 years of age

HauntStiltsClownWhat you’re in for:

* Over 60 rides, activities, and shows.

* Extreme Haunts: Zombie High, Miss Lizzie’s Chamber of Horrors, Corn Stalkers, Asylum Island, London Terror, The Fright Zone, BloodShed, Outlaw’s Revenge, CarnEvil, and Lore of the Vampire featuring Club Blood

* The Chills: Using over 90 fog machines, watch as darkness of night falls and you bear witness to Overlord’s Awakening as he calls his army to rise and transform the park into Halloween Haunt

EDALONZO1* New this year! Ed Alonzo from Saved by the Bell presents his Psycho Circus of Magic and Mayhem!

Worlds of Fun_041_AA




Looking for more family-friendly fun? Fear not: There’s daytime fun that’s not-so-scary and Planet Snoopy is open on Saturdays through October until 10 p.m.


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